Prevention And Resiliency Services provide early intervention and prevention strategies that empower youth and families to make informed decisions, decrease substance use, and support a safe, healthy, and thriving community.
Healthy, safe and resilient communities.
A Few Words

About Us​

Prevention and Resiliency Services, Inc. (PARS) has provided prevention services in Shawnee County since 1965. When PARS was incorporated, it was known as National Council on Alcoholism, Kansas Division. The agency’s original focus was on increasing the understanding of alcoholism, its nature, its treatment and decreasing the harms and incidence of alcoholism.

As issues have changed and knowledge has evolved over the years, PARS has continually responded to emerging trends, research on the prevention of addiction, and how programs, practices and policies influence individuals and the environment in which they live. Our programs and activities recognize that the individual, family, school, and community domains are all interconnected and influence not only substance use, but also impact school dropouts, violence, suicide, teen pregnancy and other problem behaviors. PARS has a strong foundation of community, neighborhood, and school partnerships and has been nationally recognized for its substance abuse prevention and crime prevention services.

As a health and safety connector, PARS will continue to educate, engage, and empower our community to reduce substance abuse and crime in our community.

How We Operate

Key Values

  • Evidence-based and researched-based strategies are effective in reducing substance abuse and crime.
  • Community members play an essential role in preventing crime – it takes a community to impact change.
  • We must be current with trends related to substance abuse and behavioral health and we must learn from our work with community members.
  • To affect change within our community, we must partner with diverse stakeholders.
  • We must employ multiple strategies to reach our target audience; this is critical to our work.
  • Our community is defined by the people we serve.

Meet the Team

Mandy Czechanski

Executive Director

Lynn Smith

Community Prevention Consultant

Judy Wilson

Community Prevention Consultant
National Night Out Program Coordinator

Sarah Coats

Substance Abuse Counselor

Eric Tweedy

Communications Specialist

Haley Gil

Community Prevention Youth Coordinator


Meet the Board

Deb Grunst


Tracey Stratton

Advisors Excel

Sandie Bayless


Neb Cabrilo

CoreFirst Bank & Trust

Mike Brozek

Blesk Consulting LLC

Zachary Thompson

Mainstreet Credit Union

Nicholas Casarona

Heartland Regional Alcohol and Drug Assessment Center

Navise Clark

Midland Care

Bennie Davis
Lt. Matt Danielson

Topeka Police Department

SFC Angel Romero


Aaron A Starr

Edward Jones